ImmTAC molecules target intracellular antigens

One of the greatest challenges in cancer immunotherapy is the identification of new and safe target antigens. Antibody-based therapies, including antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), bispecifics and CAR T cells, recognise cell surface antigens. However, cell surface antigens account for only around 10% of potential targets.

ImmTAC molecules use an engineered T cell receptor (TCR)-based targeting system. TCRs recognise intracellular antigens that have been processed and presented on the cell surface as peptide-HLA complexes (pHLA). Since the majority of antigens are intracellular, ImmTAC molecules have access to nine-fold more targets than antibody-based therapies and potentially a greater number of disease-specific, and therefore safer, targets.

Through a comprehensive target discovery and validation process, incorporating state of the art mass spectrometry, Immunocore has created an expanding portfolio of fully-validated targets to address a broad spectrum of cancer indications.