Job description

Senior Bioinformatician (Proteomics)

Abingdon, UK

Senior Bioinformatician (Proteomics)

Abingdon, UK 

Immunocore is an innovative and dynamic biotechnology company developing a unique platform of T Cell antigen receptor-based therapeutics, called ImmTAXs, as a novel class of treatments for cancer, infectious and autoimmune diseases.

Immunocore has a well-established pipeline of wholly owned programmes, of world leading science and strong IP position, which has led to discovery collaborations with Genentech, GlaxoSmithKline, Medimmune as well as a co-discovery & co-development partnership with Lilly, and recent investment from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

We are seeking a Senior Proteomics Bioinformatician to join our innovative and multi-disciplined Proteomics team. The successful candidate will apply their expertise to support the analysis and data management of mass spectrometry-based data. The Senior Proteomics Bioinformatician will be part of a close-knit team of Bioinformaticians and will have the potential to make a huge impact across the company.


Key Responsibilities

  • Deliver crucial tools to assist the proteomics department with the analysis of large immunopeptidomic datasets
  • Work closely with the software development team to contribute to the development of an HLA database system
  • Engineer tools which permit integration of mass spec data with transcriptomic and genomic data sources
  • Be the point of communication for access to proteomics data and bespoke analytics for the wider Research team
  • Develop machine learning based solutions to discover impactful new insights from a huge wealth of experimental data
  • Provide ad hoc bioinformatics support across Research departments


Experience & Knowledge 


  • Strong proficiency with Python, Linux OS and shell scripting bash
  • Familiarity with cloud infrastructures, particularly Amazon Web Services
  • Awareness of pipelining systems, such as Luigi, Nextflow, Airflow, Seven bridges
  • Theoretical and practical experience with the analysis of mass spectrometry/ Proteomics data
  • Skilled in the application of advanced techniques for statistical analysis and data interrogation and interpretation, such as dimensionality reduction algorithms
  • Familiarity with variety of publicly available functional annotation tools (GO, KEGG, COG), clustering analysis, protein-protein interaction analysis, pathway analysis, proteome and genome databases.
  • Awareness of machine learning based techniques
  • Excellent communication skills, oral and written, to explain complex bioinformatic analysis to non-experts
  • Understanding of molecular biology, cell biology, immunology or related discipline.
  • Significant experience of independent research in academic or industrial setting, or transferable skills gained from professional experience
  • Proposed and driven changes in working practices that have improved efficiency, supported teams through adoption and change.
  • Presented detailed scientific findings and papers to internal and external audiences



  • Hands on experience with software for the analysis of mass spectrometry data, such as but not limited to PEAKS, Proteome Discoverer, MaxQuant, Skyline, ProteinPilot
  • Led a project small team, formally or informally, including project management
  • May have experience of developing databases, using SQL or similar, and pairing with a user-friendly interface
  • May have experience of building next generation sequencing (NGS) analytical pipelines
  • Practical experience in implementing machine learning workflows


Education & Qualification:

  • Essential: MSc. in bioinformatics related discipline with additional year’s post doc/industrial experience in relevant field.
  • Desirable: PhD in bioinformatics related discipline. Additional post doc/industrial experience is desirable.

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