Job description

Associate Scientist or Scientist - Antibody Research

91 Park Drive, Milton Park, Oxfordshire, OX14 4RY, UK

Immunocore is a late-stage biotechnology company pioneering the development of a novel class of TCR bispecific immunotherapies designed to treat a broad range of diseases, including cancer, infection and autoimmune disease. We are developing a deep pipeline in multiple therapeutic areas, including five clinical stage programs in oncology and infectious disease, advanced pre-clinical programs in autoimmune disease and multiple earlier pre-clinical programs.

It is an exciting time to join Immunocore. Our most advanced oncology therapeutic candidate, tebentafusp, has demonstrated an overall survival benefit in a randomized Phase 3 clinical trial in metastatic uveal melanoma, a cancer that has historically proven to be insensitive to other immunotherapies. The company also recently completed its Initial Public Offering and was listed on the NASDAQ. This is a very exciting opportunity for a passionate and creative team player who is keen to learn, innovate, collaborate and contribute to successes of a high-performance team within a pioneering, clinical-stage biotechnology company. 


  • Conducting experiments, observing, interpreting and responding to results.
  • Maintaining and increasing technical knowledge in relevant fields through self-study, observation, attending relevant conferences and training courses.
  • Maintaining accurate records of all work by completing laboratory notebooks on time, following Company procedures.
  • Ensuring that laboratory equipment is operated in accordance with safety and risk guidelines; acting promptly to report any faults or problems to the relevant member of staff.
  • Operating in accordance with the Company’s Health and Safety policies, especially within a laboratory environment.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Evaluation of immune response from serum of different animal species
  • Construction of various immune phage-display antibody libraries formats, including VHH), scFv and scAb)
  • Design of tailored antibody/TCR panning strategies according to target and project deliverables
    • Phage display, yeast surface display and others
  • Screening and characterisation of antibodies and TCRs according to their applicability, to select the best lead candidates
    • ELISA (96- and 384-well formats), competition assays, SPR (e.g. Biacore), Western Blot and others
    • Liquid handling and other high-throughput systems for handling large number of samples (e.g. ViaFlo, BioTek plate washer and ClarioStar plate reader)
  • Optimisation and engineering of antibodies and TCRs, including affinity maturation using different methods for e.g. phage display and yeast surface display
  • Reformatting antibodies (scFv, VHH, scAb) and TCRs to multivalent and/or multispecific formats, with or without Fc fusions or other fusions
  • Expression of antibodies, TCRs or reformatted versions, using bacterial, mammalian or yeast expression systems
  • Purification of expressed antibodies, TCRs or reformatted versions, using different purification methods (e.g. AEX, CEX, AC)

Experience and Knowledge:

  • Experienced in display technologies: phage display and yeast surface display (desirable)
  • Experienced in optimisation of antibodies, including affinity maturation, reformatting and engineering
  • Experienced in expression of antibodies and reformatted versions using different systems (for e.g. bacterial, mammalian and yeast cells)
  • Experienced in several purification methods (AEX, CEX, AC and others) - preferable experienced in AKTA systems
  • Proficient in molecular biology techniques: RNA/cDNA/DNA handling, PCR, Restriction Digestion and in different cloning methods (for e.g. Gibson assembly)
    • Preferable experienced in library construction
  • Proficient in in-silico molecular design and sequence analysis, using bioinformatics tools
  • Proficient in protein and antibody screening and characterisation: ELISA (96- and 384-well formats), competition assays, SPR (e.g. Biacore and Octet systems), Western Blot


  • BSc. or MSc. in protein engineering, biochemistry, molecular biology or related discipline (Essential)

 Lead with Science and Discover What is Within:

  • We Value Entrepreneurship and Diversity
  • Respect, Trust, and Integrity
  • Competitive compensation
  • Private medical and dental benefits.
  • 25 days Annual Leave and Bank Holidays
  • 4x Salary Life Insurance
  • 5% Pension Match
  • Income Protection
  • Parental Leave


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