Job description

Manager, Regional Tax (EU)

91 Park Drive, Milton Park, Oxfordshire, OX14 4RY, UK


Accountability for ensuring tax efficient decisions are made across the Group, developing the strategic tax plan, providing tax considerations into key business decisions and supporting a rapidly changing business and managing the Group’s current and future effective tax rate. Responsible for UK, US and International Taxation, both direct and indirect, ensuring that the Immunocore Group is tax compliant across the various countries it has operations.


• Responsible for setting out the tax strategy for the organisation ensuring a well-managed, effective tax rate for both current and future periods covering areas including UK patent box scheme, transfer pricing, attribute analysis and US Taxation including CFC/PFIC.
• Responsibility for providing support and advice across the organisation and within Finance as the Group moves towards commercialisation and then seeks to expand sales into different geographies ensuring good, tax efficient decisions are made, including consideration of branches versus legal entities etc. Requiring a high-level understanding of business operations across research and development and commercial activities and future financing activities.
• Responsible for understanding the Commercial activities within the Group and expanding footprint across different locations and managing the tax exposures that arise as a result.
• Responsible for defining the tax operating model within Immunocore and establishing what support is sourced from external tax advisors versus internal.
• Responsibility for overall tax compliance, both direct and indirect covering,
o preparing and completing the UK and US (Federal and State) corporation tax returns working with external advisors for review of returns and support in complex taxation issues and areas of judgement.
o preparing and completing the provisioning for the Group financial statements, year-end and interims.
o calculating the UK and US R&D Tax Credit ensuring the resulting credit is compliant and undertaken to the requisite level of detail and appropriate documentation maintained to support and justify the tax claim.
o preparing and completing the various VAT/sales returns required in the UK, US and across the EU/RoW ensuring compliance is maintained.
• Responsibility for advising commercial and clinical supply chains on customs matters.
• Managing the relationship with the relevant tax authorities, including HMRC and the IRS and the point of contact for enquiries and audits ensuring their prompt resolution.
• Maintaining tax and administrative policies and reviewing for continuous improvement.
• Ownership of tax key controls for Sarbanes Oxley purposes and ensuring compliance.
• Provide relevant tax advice into the implementation of new financial reporting systems.


Experience & Knowledge


• Experienced and skilled Tax professional with a strong finance background.
• Extensive and relevant experience of advising companies on a variety of tax issues.
• Strong technical skills with excellent knowledge of UK tax accounting, tax compliance and good understanding of tax law.
• Ability to interpret and advise on complex tax legislation.
• Open and honest team player.
• Proactive and energetic: able to identify and implement business opportunities.
• Ability to anticipate risk through careful planning and analysis.
• Ability to operate at a senior level and with a strategic focus, as well as being in the detail and responsible for delivery.
• Strong people management skills.
• Highly pragmatic.


• Experience of working capital management.
• Experience in managing tax systems, process and technology across all taxes.
• Good knowledge of US tax accounting, tax compliance and good understanding of tax law.


• Openness and honesty
Readily offering information pertaining to work in hand whether positive or negative.
• Taking responsibility
Being prepared to accept full responsibility for tasks entrusted to them; seeing tasks through to completion and dealing with the consequences of failure or success.
• Flexibility
Being flexible to new ideas and approaches; changes of plans, objectives and/or priorities. Handling disjointed tasks effectively.
• Team spirit
Being able to work productively with others to achieve tasks. Showing consideration for the needs and feelings of others.


• Analytical Thinking
• Attention to Communication
• Diagnostic Information Gathering
• Managing Self Performance
• Results Orientated
• Teamwork
• Interpersonal awareness
• Conceptual thinking
• Developing others
• Forward thinking
• Fostering innovation
• Managing change
• Thoroughness
• Written and oral communication
• Building collaborative relationships
• Fostering teamwork
• Influencing others
• Initiative
• Providing motivational support
• Decisiveness
• Establishing focus
• Persuasive communication
• Strategic thinking

Education & qualifications:

• Accountancy Qualification (ACA or CTA)
• Member of Chartered Institute of Taxation

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