Job description

Target Identification and Validation Senior Scientist, Disease Biology

91 Park Drive, Milton Park, Oxfordshire, OX14 4RY, UK

This is an exciting opportunity for a motivated and open-minded individual to contribute and grow in an open and team-oriented environment in one of the UK’s leading biotechnology companies.

We are developing a new line of immunotherapies with the aim of transforming treatment of cancer, infection and autoimmune disease. You will be joining Immunocore at the most exciting time in our 20-year history, with our first drug application accepted in the UK, US and EU.


We are looking for a dedicated, enthusiastic, independent and collaborative Senior Scientist with in-depth understanding of cancer biology/immunology and mechanisms underlying cancer progression into an aggressive and difficult-to-treat disease.

With a very high level of expertise in FACS cell sorting, Flow cytometry, histology and molecular biology, you will contribute to discovery and validation of novel cancer targets for ImmTAC immunotherapy.


  • Analyse relevant literature to help triaging a list of potential cancer targets by gaining in-depth understanding of the target biological role and cancer disease biology
  • Establish/develop new methods for the in-house single cell analysis and become a go-to person for FACS cell sorting, Flow cytometry and single-cell RNAseq
  • Analyse expression of the most promising cancer/autoimmune targets on mRNA and protein level and determine their suitability for ImmTAX targeting
  • Enhance our target identification and validation processes by providing innovative suggestions
  • Collaborate cross-functionally to develop optimal cancer disease models for ImmTAC testing
  • Analyse and report experimental results verbally and in writing


Experience and Knowledge:

  • Flow cytometry and cell sorting, primer design and qPCR, immunohistochemistry, FFPE/cryo tissue sectioning, cell culture
  • Highly desirable skills include: single-cell RNA sequencing, bioinformatics


Education and Qualifications:

  • PhD in Cancer Biology, Cancer Immunology or Autoimmunity
  • Relevant industrial or postdoctoral academic experience (> 3 years)
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated record of scientific accomplishment as evidenced by publications, presentations, patent applications, and/or contributions to regulatory submissions


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