About us

Focusing on transformative innovation that benefits patients

Immunocore is a commercial-stage biotechnology company that discovered, developed and commercialized the world’s first approved T cell receptor (TCR) therapy.

Our mission is to radically improve outcomes for patients with cancer, infectious diseases, and autoimmune diseases, by pioneering and delivering transformative immunomodulating medicines.

Built on our proprietary ImmTAX platform, we have a diverse pipeline of bispecific therapies across a broad range of indications, including multiple cancers, HIV and HBV.

Our science

Based on research from the University of Oxford in the 1990s, we have developed a wholly-proprietary technology platform, called Immune Mobilizing Monoclonal TCRs Against X disease (ImmTAX).

Our platform is modular, allowing us to upregulate the immune system to tackle cancer (ImmTAC) or infectious diseases (ImmTAV), and downregulate it to address autoimmune conditions (ImmTAAI).

Based on this technology, in 2022 we launched the world’s first TCR therapy.

Leaders today, for tomorrow

We have assembled a team of visionary leaders with some of the best track records in R&D to pioneer the next generation of immunotherapies.


We have a strong history of creating value through partnerships with industry, academia and the charitable sector. Our partners past and present include Genentech, GSK, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Current areas of partnering focus are combinations with clinical stage assets that could significantly shift the needle with respect to patient benefit, and technologies that could enhance future iterations of our successful proprietary ImmTAX platform.

Please direct any partnering inquiries to: partnering@immunocore.com.


We strive to make STRIDEs for patients, so it’s only right that our values support that. We all come to work every day aligned to our mission, and with a passion to deliver transformative medicines to patients.

We lead with science to benefit patients

We work together to set clear priorities and objectives aligned to the organization’s goals, creating an environment maximizing individual contributions benefitting patients.

We respect and trust each other

We respect and trust each other with good intentions, and are consistent and fair in how we treat others. We support transparent and frequent communication.

We act with integrity

We act with integrity, and take responsibility for our actions. We challenge actions or decisions we believe to be wrong. We take decisions to improve the success of our organization.

We value diversity to drive innovation

We value all views and opinions. Our success is dependent on pushing boundaries, utilizing diverse skills and fostering creative thinking.

We are entrepreneurial

We are drawn to opportunities seeking out key areas of improvement. We ask questions, voice opinions and take initiative to get things done.

Pioneering immunotherapies, together

Join our team at the forefront of the next generation of immunotherapy. We take our medicines through their entire journey from the lab bench to the patient bedside, so whether you’re in research, development or delivery, we have the career for you.

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