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Pioneers of the world’s first TCR therapy

We want to radically improve outcomes for patients with cancer, infectious diseases, and autoimmune diseases, by pioneering and delivering transformative immunomodulating medicines.

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Harnessing the power of the immune system

Our immune system is our best defense against diseases, as it recognizes and destroys diseased cells. But sometimes, this defense does not work as intended when diseased cells manage to hide from immune cells or when the immune system turns against the body.

Our proprietary ImmTAX technology is designed to address these limitations, by activating the immune system to make infected or tumor cells visible and then destroy them, or by turning off the immune system to reduce an autoimmune response.

Our pipeline

We have a diverse pipeline with multiple bispecific T cell receptor therapies across a range of indications, from solid tumors to infectious and autoimmune diseases.

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Pioneering immunotherapies, together

Join our team at the forefront of the next generation of immunotherapy. We take our medicines through their entire journey from the lab bench to the patient bedside, so whether you’re in research, development or delivery, we have the career for you.

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