Our science

Aiming to develop a new generation of transformative medicine

Immunocore is a leading T cell receptor (TCR) biotechnology company working to create first-in-class biological therapies to address unmet patient needs in oncology as well as infectious and autoimmune diseases. Immunocore has a pipeline of proprietary and partnered programmes in development.

We are using human TCRs with a goal of overcoming the limitations of our natural immune system and current therapeutic approaches, through engineering novel bispecific drugs called ImmTAX™ (Immune Mobilizing Monoclonal TCRs Against X disease) molecules.

ImmTAX molecules are bispecific molecules that are comprised of a TCR and an effector function.

TCRs are present on T cells, immune cells whose role is to destroy infected and/or cancerous cells. In oncology and infectious disease, infected and cancerous cells have the ability to evade, or “hide from”, the immune system. By developing high affinity TCRs, ImmTAX molecules have the potential to overcome the limitations of the natural immune system allowing a patient’s own T cells to recognise and kill the infected or cancerous cells via an immune activating effector function.

High affinity TCRs also have the potential to target specific tissues and/or organs, opening up the potential for organ specific immune downregulation in AI diseases via an immune suppressing effector function.