Autoimmune and Inflammation Diseases

Aiming to transform the treatment of debilitating conditions

At Immunocore, we are expanding our bi-specific TCR- technology research platform to develop treatments for autoimmune diseases.

Autoimmune diseases are often chronic and debilitating and constitute an area of high unmet clinical need. We believe that organ-specific immune suppression, rather than systemic immunosuppression, may benefit patients by avoiding adverse events due to systemic immunosuppression. We are now advancing our ImmTAAI drug portfolio with the aim to selectively suppress inflammation in any organ or tissue.

Current autoimmune therapies

Goal of ImmTAAI platform development

Targeted ImmTAAI inhibits T cells (and protects tissue from autoimmune attack)

ImmTAAI® (Immune Modulating Monoclonal TCRs Against Autoimmune Disease) bispecific molecules are designed with an organ-specific TCR fused to an immune suppressive effector function.

Data in preclinical models suggest that target cell-bound ImmTAAI molecules can potently inhibit autoreactive T cells without risk of systemic immune suppression.